[H] Looking for Home

Recently transferred here enjoying the server so far.

Im still working right now despite all the craziness going on in the real world, so i’ve given up looking for a raid team that works with my schedule.

I Like to bullsh!t, Raid (when i can), PVP , mostly been farming on this guy and slowly gearing him here and there , id like to find an active guild at all hours as i am PST and get on when ever i get a chance. (Usually PST-mornings during the week)

Anyways thought id throw a line out see if i get any bites.

Thanks for your time.

< SIN > Is a guild that I think could fit your needs very well. We have a leveling division < Minions of SIN > as well as a raiding division < SIN > between the two we have 1600 members and a joint discord typically 60-100 online in either one We also are currently looking for Rogue Raiders so should certain nights work with your work schedule we could accommodate you quite well. Our Raid Schedule is Wed / Sun at 8:30 pm Server (Eastern) We are also currently building up a 2nd raid group as well to offer more available days to raid as well. When you do not have time for raiding we also have many people doing 5 man and 10 man content. PST Khaalathas, Grahn, Hoola, or Caylo for an invite or further details.


I am definitely interested currently at work but I’ll message one of you as soon as I can.

Thanks for replying.

Hi Khaal, are you all still looking for rogues?

Well geared, cleared all current content. Lmk, thanks :slight_smile:

We Are still looking Contention - seems to be one of the classes we just haven’t been able to fill for some reason and we really want to go more melee heavy in our raid 1 group. Please msg myself Hoola, Caylo, or Grahn in Game and we can get you an invite if you can make our raids on wed sun at 8:30pm server

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Will do, thank you buddy. My main is a transfer over so I’ll msg from my alt.

Do you all have your disc in the Sulfuras Discord?

nah we dont have some children that abuse it so had to take it down from being an open post but msg me in game and i can get ya a code bud

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Completely understandable, thanks again hoss. I’ll be on this afternoon and pst you

Still looking for more rogues

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Look forward to meeting you Contention

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