[H] Looking For Guild

Found a guild

I'm available for group/raid content weekends and any time after midnight CST through the week.

I'd like to stay on Bladefist as my wife plays on this server and I do things with her occasionally.

I'm open to switching sides if the promise of a great experience presents itself.

I would classify myself as a casual / semi-semi-hardcore raider. I do expect my teammates to know their roles, and strive for excellence.

On another (lost) account long ago I raided MC BWL Onyxia and UPBRS, plus some beginning Teir 4 content in Burning Crusade before I left the game. I'm new to the past few expansions but leveling up this guy has been a great refresher course on how the game has changed and surprisingly stayed the same. I am the happiest healing but have a background in caster DPS.

Please, feel free to send me an in-game whisper or contact me on battlenet: Battlepigs#11763 or Discord: Toastersoap#5394

I really look forward to hearing from someone. I've got lots of free time now and I have the itch that I got when I first installed this game back in January of '05. I wanna see what end game has and I wanna beat all of it. I want the biggest and shiniest epics.
Thanks for the invite Devils Advocate! You're a bunch of real swell dudes. I'm happy to be a part of you!