[H] looking for a guild

I'm looking for an active guild to do pvp, mythics, and raids with.
I'd prefer not to join one of those mega guilds with nearly a thousand players, but a smaller more tight knit group. I've been playing since the game came out and have a few accounts. I prefer pvp greatly to pve, but i dont mind doing raids either. I'm available most days of the weeks, but i typically cant commit until night time 6-8pm EST is around the time i can fully get involved into events, I can typically stay on for several hours (at least 7) at that point. That being said that doesn't mean i cant be on during the day, just that i cant fully commit or guarantee anything until later in the evening. Please send me a message in-game, whether I'm in a guild or not, I'm still testing guilds out to see which ones fit, so please do not hesitate even if I am in a guild.
Hi Hel- I am the GM of Holy Smokes. We are always open to new members. We primarily PVE, and are 6/8H. Some guildies PVP and I'm sure they would be happy to have someone else to murder alliance with, We are looking for people to join our raid team, if that is something you are interested in. We raid Tues/Sun 6:30CT and do alt raid on Thursday night.

We have 900 players in guild because I almost never kick people, so typically people log back in after 5 years amazed they still have a guild haha. We have about 30-40 very active people who play regularly and I consider us a tightknit group.

If you're interested, drop me a line on any of my characters (Teharah, Jeebus, Sansa) or if you want an invite, /who holy smokes and ask anyone who is online for an invite.