[H] <Limited Edition> Bleeding Hollow; Thurs/Mon 7:30 - 10:30EST

Bump, still looking for people! Looking forward to Sarkareth monday night!

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bumpskis. still needing a healer friendo.

What’s up, curious if you guys get into mythic after H clears? Returning healer have M+ and Raid xp from multiple xpacks current main is an R Shammy I just hit 70 sunday sitting at around 390 atm for Ilvl but gearing quickly. DM me on discord to chat if youd like Tyrion#2509


We dont bite. Still looking for healers!

Newly updated! Come join!

Come join us in 10.2!

Hello! Still looking for new people to play with!

Spooky season is always a good time to make new friends!

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Do you enjoy being hit in the face? Come get in the face for us!

Good day Draesk, after reviewing your recruitment post I think I would be a good fit with your guild.

I am currently on Area 52 but I can transfer servers pretty easily.

I’ll send you a friend request when I log-on later today.


awesome! looking foward to it

Still looking for tanks!

:slight_smile: Still looking for new friends

lil late night, cant sleep bumpskis.

LF new people! preferably ones that dont ghost. that aint cool

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Hi there!
Draesk posted in response to a thread I made about looking for a tank spot for a raid team in 10.2. For some reason, the forum notifier didnt tell me anyone responded so I only just saw this today (late at night on a Sunday)…woops!

This is the character I want to play, but I’m also open to playing my Brewmaster tank (Beeflohmein; also on Illidan) . I sent you a discord friend request, Draesk but y’all can add me in game too if you’re still interested! :slight_smile:

LF healer with DPS off-spec and ranged DPS (preferred) but interested melee DPS encouraged to reach out!

Still looking for people!

Still in search of a few people to round-out the team!