[H] <Limelight> 9/9H (Wed/Mon) recruiting Healers for mythic

6/9H 9/9N is recruiting Pet battle extraordinaries to compete in gripping Pokemon critter battles of all varieties! Our goal of being the best and training them is our cause!

Currently seeking more Trainers for our Cult community who aren’t afraid of taking critters by any means necessary.

We are a laid-back guild with a good atmosphere who are looking for additional members to push through AOTC and Mythic Aberrus.

Current raid times are 8pm-1030pm Australian eastern standard time Monday and Wednesday with an Alt/normal run-on Saturday.

Currently recruiting DPS of all Specs for our raid team with a strong preference on;

Any healer Spec with preference on;

MW monk

If you have any questions or wish to join the guild please Add VKF on Bnet: VKF#1783 or Discord VKF#6901

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