H <Life of Fail> Uldaman

We are a group of friends who use to play on this server around end of vanilla, tbc era. and decided to come back. Looking to build a tight-knit group of family-oriented people.

We plan to do Mythic+ Runs and Raiding up to Heroic possibly once we get to that point, beyond 8.3.

We are looking for like-minded people, some of us being in our 40s married with kids understand that family comes first and that things happen so we are not going to be upset if you have to pause a run or whatnot, so patience is a must especially learning new fights or with helping others (I am not as quick with my reflexes as I once was).

Lastly, since we have kids, swearing will not be tolerated on public channels in discord. As well as any harassment, if this sounds like a fill feel free to send me a message in-game, or /who Life of Fail and send anyone online a message.

Also we do have discord as well, and hope to start organizing weekly runs once we get going.