[H] LF Social/Raid guild

I am a returning player coming back from a year long hiatus, and am looking for a guild. I’m mainly interested in finding a group of people that I can befriend and enjoy the game with. I also am interested in doing raids, but I don’t have much experience, but am very capable of learning. I’m also open to the idea of a server change, since I have no ties to my current one. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Hello Temporus
I am going to go ahead and say I’m free tying this… I dont have a pre made guild Recruitment or what ever they call this… But here goes nothing…
We are <Call of Booty AREA 52 H> We are yes indeed looking for raiders as we are trying to at least get AOTC! We are in need of pretty much anything With a few exceptions… But if you are looking for a Close ended Community I can say that We have on of the best on the server… in my opinion ( Doesn’t mean much coming from the GM…) But anyhow I’d love to talk with you, and getting you into the Guild… I’m sure I missed some info in here… Like I said I just typed this out! but any how please get intouch we’d love to here from you!
Btag: BIgmacmacdad#1704

Hey there, Temporus,
As you level and gear up, you could easily join our alt night raid, heroic clears and keys nights!
I’d love to chat if you’re interested.

Here’s our SPAM if you’re into that:
</ Same Plan, Less Dying /> is not your average guild.
We raid. We M+. We like each other. Not like like. Well…

Anywho! We’re a fun, social guild with an AotC focus that would love to add more solid people to our team. We are specifically looking for those who like progress without the elitist mentality. We’ve got players who have played together for years and will stay strong for plenty more. :grin:

What do we do??
Alt raids are Monday 8-11pm EST.
Progression nights are Tues & Thurs 8-11pm EST. (8/8H, 8/8 normal)
Achievement and contest weekends alternate days in the month.

M+ are pretty much all day every day and some PVP here and there.
We run an active M+ community too. Guilded or not, you’re welcome to be added there. ^.^

Interested? Add me on b-net (Saxx#1747) and maybe we can get something going! :slight_smile:

Howdy Temporus, tossing out our copy pasta, if it speaks to you feel free to hit up any of the contacts at the bottom. Look forward to speaking with you

Are you tired of guild hopping through World of Warcraft?

Has your definition of what a guild should be changed since the day when you joined your first guild in Vanilla? Does smashing pixels, while a priority for you, not mean as much as the people you’re smashing them with? Are you looking for that elusive guild family that will accept your dirty memes, vulgar language, crass humor, and support you through real life events and real life occurrences? We just might be the guild for you!

Iron Knights is an adult-only, casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Tichondrius (PVP-PST) server. We are currently in search of a few quality raiders, and we are always in search of quality guildies who have little interest in raiding but want to be a part of a tight-knit WoW family.

Our guild was formed in 2008 during the Burning Crusade expansion, with many core raiders having WoW experience dating back to release. Most of our raiders have families and jobs and we have quite a few couples in guild. Our goal is to stay current on Heroic progression (AoTC) while working around real life and having fun together in WoW, across other games, and at our annual "real life" guild party.

Our Raiding Info:


Eternal Palace: 8/8

Heroic Eternal Palace: 7/8

Raid Times: Tuesday / Thursday from 9:00-Midnight EST (6:00-9:00 server)

What we are looking for in a raider:

Thick skinned players who aren’t easily offended by crass/off-color humor.

Dedicated individuals with great raid-awareness.

Great players with great attitudes and a great sense of humor who are tired of guild hopping and want to find a forever home.

What makes us different than many other raiding guilds:

Longevity: We’ve been around since TBC with much of the same leadership in place.

Ability: We’ve cleared heroic mode each tier since The Burning Crusade.

Understanding: Most of our guild is either in college or working adults with families. We understand real life schedules and family situations.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Due to the flexibility of current raiding, our attendance policy has relaxed allowing players to care for their real life obligations without the strict repercussions found in more hardcore guilds

We will consider all quality applicants, so if you feel that you would be a good fit for us (raider or non-raider), do not hesitate to contact an officer to schedule a Ventrilo interview, add our battle tags, or apply on our guild forums.

Contact Info:

Emrys#1539 – Keilanaa#1839 - ǶVelcro#1332

Check us out! <Strike Force> - Weekend Heroic Raiding

Well Dracarys Produtions on Bleeding Hollow is the place for you to go! We are a small but growing community looking for players to engage in fun, friendly guild activities such as Mythic’s weekly and Raiding.

IF mythics/raiding is not your thing, we do some PVP along with mount/mog runs, achievement hunting, leveling, etc.

Looking for players to help build up a community that gets rid of all that toxicity that wow has become.

Some info about the guild:
Guild has been around since Legion where in the beginning had a number of players going strong. We got through N argus and 5/9H before people kind of gave up. BFA we were 8/8N, 8/8H Uldir and 7/8N BOD before giving up. The rest of the players and myself included ended up xfering to another guild and we completed 8/8N, 8/8H BOD 2/2N,2/2H COS and got through 8/8N EP.

I ended up xfering back to my guild before much Heroic progression because i was not liking the way things were run in the other guild.

Raid Times:
Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:00pm est (1 BREAK)


If you want more information feel free to add me on: