H LF Raid community / Alt runs EST

Update on the misadventures of Goatmansmith:
10/10 N 7/10 H & AotC
Demolock 206.8
Fury 201.4 / Prot 201.9
Guardian 196.3
BMter 201.1
Elem/Resto 192.5

In a previous episode: Completed 7/10 H & AotC. Might stop tanking on my warrior, guardian is far easier.

In a previous episode: 10/10 N moving onto heroics.

In a previous episode: I came back a couple weeks ago (totally skipped BFA). Looking for a raid community or alt run pickups for Normal CN and or Heroic CN. PUGS aren’t too bad, but are pretty inconsistent, and some require AOTC which I obviously don’t have yet.

LF Thurs Night / Fri/Sat/Sun mostly anytime

P.S. kinda awesome I can’t reply to my own thread
P.P.S. not really looking to change guilds, my schedule fluctuates at a moments notice… shiftwork, outages, travel (in fact will soon have to look for wednesday / thursday raid mid-April to mid-May)
P.P.P.S. /buttpat