[H] LF PVE guild for 2 players - Healer and DPS

My partner and I are looking for a PVE/Raiding guild. We lean towards casual playing, but we want to experience some raiding content with a decent group of people before the current expansion is over, and possibly do some raiding in Shadowlands. We’re both returning players, my partner definitely has more raiding experience than I do.

I’m currently running Arcane Mage and BM Hunter, my partner is a playing a resto druid. We’re around 435 ilvl. I can provide an armory link for our characters if need be.

We’ve been dipping our toes into a few Mythic dungeons with some friends on a different server, but we’re looking for a group to run with more regularly.

Hey if you dont mind the faction swap we are looking for more players for our guild Devout

Hey bro!
I just started a new guild called memories on darkspear -
Message me for invite
We are extrremly active
have discord
and we raid pvp and have fun in chat on discord all day!
let me know if u want invite!!!