[H] LF Late Night Semi-Core Guild (PST) Pls read

I am Betti (various spelling of Betti)
I’m a guy (not a girl) I identify as a male and am straight.

Now that’s cleared up
Think of it as a hardcore group/static, such as a set group of players pushing progression 2-3 nights a week if not more
and most players would be playing almost nightly.

I’m looking for a Late Night Raiding guild - Am currently housed on Thrall - but willing to xfer or start from scratch. 9:30/10:00 pm PST start times - the reason behind this is, I can guarantee 110% attendance to raids (unless I die in a tragic car accident) Any Days of the week.

Oh and also I play Daily.

I’m a Priest Main but willing to swap class if need be,
I’ve raided as monk, mage, lock, pally, and a few other classes over the past years but Preist/Mage is by far the most fun for me.

We are close is it close enough.