[H] LF Late Night Raiding Guild - Shaman, Warrior or Rogue, whatever role is needed

Been playing since Vanilla. Played in a Top 20 U.S. Guild from Vanilla through WOTLK. Have raided in each Expac since, but not at the same level.

I currently have a Shaman, Rogue and Warrior, each around 400ilvl. Well experienced with each, and each role.

Currently seeking a late night (9PM PST or later start time) H/M guild, who do M+ and whatnot on off-days. Would prefer one to two nights a week. Not looking to push for world firsts anymore, but I miss raiding and the fun of being in a guild with like-minded folk.

I will be prepared for every raid. Strats reviewed, flasks, pots, food, etc. I do my homework & prep work :slight_smile:

Reply here or add me on bnet Dejasmasht#1549

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