[H] LF guild

Former hardcore raider years ago. Realm first 25m Lich King kill. Due to life, went casual with raiding but still hardcore playing…play each toon/class to its max. I just can’t be on at a certain time on specific nights.

So…I am looking for a semi-hardcore or whatever guild is interested in a sub player. I play most every evening. I can join raids but maybe late. I have a 57 hunter and all the other classes on the way. You can verify what I said from my retail profile/moonkin. Clearly not raiding yet but I started at the mid/end of Vanilla so I was around the first time for all of these fights.

Post here if you are looking for someone like me. Thanks!

It posted under my alt rogue. Let’s see if it posts on my Moonkin

Contact me in game for an opportunity Ram#1209

get in touch with Oldkanye or Whisskey :slight_smile: wed be happy to talk to you more and offer you a position in the guild