[H] LF guild - Vulpera are so impossibly cute

After raiding semi-seriously on the Alliance side since Cata I can’t help but realize the Vulpera are so impossibly fiesty that I have to focus on my new baby fox.


  • Experienced raider
  • Dependable, reliable, and punctual
  • Canadian so you know I’m polite and friendly
  • Comes for raid with consumables
  • Mature (which is a pro-gamer term for over 40)
  • Reads ahead on fights
  • Can heal or dps (prefer dps but have done both)
  • Low maintenance and low drama


  • Baby fox shaman isn’t yet 120, let alone geared. But I’ll get there very soon and I have a hunter in the mean time
  • Can’t raid before 6pm mountain time, mostly because of how capitalism works
  • Was gone for most of 8.2

It would be important that your group is easy going, casual, and LGBT friendly. Depending on the schedule my partner also might want to come, but her work schedule is a bit less traditional. Reply here or whisper me at Phendrana#1701 if you think I might find a place!