[H] LF Casual Guild on TBC, any realm

I am looking for a noob friendly, casual horde guild, on any realm, but preferably a PVE one, I’ve never raided before but I know ill be free weekends/Friday nights only
I want to roll a Troll Hunter, and I wanna get to level 70 as soon as I can in preparation for Wrath

add me on discord if you got a guild for me! I want something community driven, with friends relaxin’ drinkin’ and playing some wow together, nothing hardcore, or restrictive, any class and race type guilds. Frater Ouros#6208

I’m a 25 year old and i work in construction, i dont got time to be hardcore, i wanna have fun play with people around my age, and chill

Hey Roti! We may be a good fit, we have laid back players of all ages, a multi game community so guilds in many MMOs… Currently rebuilding for Wrath and welcoming all like minded folks. You can read our recruiting thread here