<H> LF Active Night time Casual Guild

Hey all.
I posted previously that I am looking for a Horde side guild on ANY US Medium to High pop server & sadly have yet to find one

So I am posting again

Here’s what I am looking for :

  • Horde Side ONLY

  • I do NOT have a main . I have that alt problem thing

  • Perfer Medium to High pop but I’m open to suggestions

  • As for guild … an ACTIVE fun friendly ADULT Night time to late late guild . Not hugely populated. Where your not just a # being ignored & people do things together. Understands that real life comes first .

  • I play both sides as well as other MMOS

  • On 2-4 nights a week sometimes more sometimes less.

  • I DO NOT raid at all. I love to run old content casually .

If you know of a guild please let me know what server . As well as a bit about the guild & the server .

Contact: please message here or via Discord
Anjelica#1602 . Thanks . —

Hi there! Last Sanctuary (H-Turalyon) is a casual guild that would be a great fit for you. While we do raid, we also have plenty of members interested in other things. Our close community has groups active in Mythic +, PvP, and a wide variety of any content you can think of. Personally, I also enjoy going through old content :D. Our raid nights won’t apply to you, but just know that we don’t have any required meetings so you’ll be able to find time to play with other guildies no matter what your schedule is. I hope you’ll come check us out.

I’ll add you on Bnet (I’m Spooky#1595) and if you have any general questions you might want to check out our recruitment post below.

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Hello, we are recruiting late night players. You can join us as a casual :slight_smile:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST


How many casual players do you have ? And what sort of casual atmosphere is it ?

We have a handful, I’d say 5-10 people usually. They would do other things besides raiding, such as transmogs, mythic+ or questing and leveling.