<H> LF Active Casual Adult Guild


Looking for active casual social guild. Any US server.

What I am looking for:

Looking for a casual adult guild. where people run things together and have fun.
I am NOT into raiding … I don’t have time.
But would love to see end game content at a super casual pace with no pressure one day.
I have a alt problem so don’t really have a main toon … sorry.


Ladies and Gentleman,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your unquestionably busy schedules to stop by and read this recruitment pitch. We understand that time is extremely valuable and it means a lot to us that you are considering our guild. With that said, let’s get to the details.

Wardogs, a Thrall guild, is a newly formed causual raiding guild that is currently seeking members to fill it’s core.

What we would like:

1.) Dedicated, mature (preferably 18+), and respectful members of all classes and specifications.
2.) Members who are willing to assist in the process of gearing the under geared. We don’t expect you to make it a full time job, but if you reach a slow point in your daily activities, helping a fellow guild member if asked, would be appreciated.
3.) Officer’s to help manage day to day operations.
4.) A raid leader to assist with managing raiding events.
5.) PVP’ers to help assemble a BG group.

What we don’t want:

1.) Drama!
2.) Elistist’s who go out of their way to make others feel bad because of a lower item level or general lack of experience.
3.) Individuals who join and leave the guild instantly due to a misunderstanding regarding the guild. If you have questions, please ask us!

Our raid times are as follows:
Friday - 2030-2330LST (8:30pm-11:30pm)
Saturday - 2030-2330LST (8:30pm-11:30pm)

We understand that life takes priority over raiding and that not all raid times can be made. We would, on the other hand, appreciate notification if you will not be attending a raid that you have signed up for.

Aside from raiding, Wardogs conducts guild events that will be scheduled randomly throughout the week to allow for all members to participate in guild activities if the scheduled raid cannot be made due to a scheduling conflicts. These events include;

1.) Mythic Plus Parties to push guild member keys.
2.) A Battle Grounds Bash for our PVP members.
3.) Time Walking Extravaganza’s during Time Walking events.
4.) TransMog runs which will be random.

We find that the additional events create guild camaraderie and builds a certain level of teamwork. If guild events are something you are interested in, this may be the place for you.

Again, we appreciate your time and consideration. If there is anything we want you to take away from this post, it’s that this guild puts “fun” above everything else which is our number one objective. If you are not having fun, what is the point of playing? Please reach out to us in game or via contact information below if you have any further questions. Thanks and have fun



Prometheuus/Angeluus: Angeluus#11931
Shazno: shazno#1613
Rtkos/Azzinoths/Retrolari: RKO#11877


you are a hordie :frowning:


Hi Avalori. Last Sanctuary (H-Turalyon) is an adults only casual guild with the goal of providing a fun community that explores a variety of content. You can level up with us and when you reach 120 you can participate in any number of engame content, including Mythic + dungeons, timewalking, PVP, and even transmog competitions. (And if you decide you want to try raiding we have that too) If this sounds good to you or if you have any questions, you can add me: Spooky#1595 and check out our recruitment post below.


How is Turalyon as a server ? :slight_smile:


I really like how your guild sounds. I’m a newer player and looking for a long term active guild. I sent you a request at Angeluus#11931.



Received. Talk soon.


We’re known for an active Horde playerbase. There’s quite a few strong guilds on Turalyon. The server isn’t connected to others like a few of the low-pop ones are, so that indicates how active Turalyon is.


Awesome . I will be in touch by the weekend :smiley: . Thanks for the information!


Epitaph would love to have you! We are rebuilding our raid team and mythic teams as well. We are currently looking for active players due to decrease of interest in game as of late. If you have any questions or need anything add me to battlenet Alikona#11551