[H] LF a PVP guild

HORDE side: Desperately looking for an active pvp guild that does wpvp / arena / randoms / rated bgs. Have multiple max level toons and no people to play with!

Please hit me up or make suggestions.

Hey man did you ever find an active pvp guild? I’m on the same realm and I’m looking for a similar guild.

Lol, nah man. I’m still looking. I can’t believe how hard it is to find one given our supposed high pop on horde side. I’m spamming in trade too.

Ps. good timing on you post, I just got back from a month break.

Well lets start a pvp community for the time being and we’ll group up for pvp and other things whenever we can.
B!tchin, I just started playing again less than a week ago. I haven’t played since wotlk/cata.

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Are you down to make/join a pvp community?

Yes! Add me on real id: giules#11726 - make sure you message me so I know who you are - most of my toons are Horde (except this one that I post on).

I’m not sure how to add people to communities but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We’ll recruit people from the bg/arena/wpvp forums too.

You guys ever get this going? I’m recently looking for a PvP guild and would be down to get a group or guild going.

I am new to the server but old to the game. I am leveling up a few toons while figuring out who I want to main. Did you come up with a guild or find one?

Any luck on a PvP guild yet? Considering starting one.

Getting back into the game, if you all start a pvp guild or find one let me know. Btag is Jzmuda#1654