[H] LF a PVP guild

(Leadbelly) #1

HORDE side: Desperately looking for an active pvp guild that does wpvp / arena / randoms / rated bgs. Have multiple max level toons and no people to play with!

Please hit me up or make suggestions.

(Gunti) #2

Hey man did you ever find an active pvp guild? I’m on the same realm and I’m looking for a similar guild.

(Leadbelly) #3

Lol, nah man. I’m still looking. I can’t believe how hard it is to find one given our supposed high pop on horde side. I’m spamming in trade too.

Ps. good timing on you post, I just got back from a month break.

(Gunti) #4

Well lets start a pvp community for the time being and we’ll group up for pvp and other things whenever we can.
B!tchin, I just started playing again less than a week ago. I haven’t played since wotlk/cata.

(Gunti) #5

Are you down to make/join a pvp community?

(Leadbelly) #6

Yes! Add me on real id: giules#11726 - make sure you message me so I know who you are - most of my toons are Horde (except this one that I post on).

I’m not sure how to add people to communities but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We’ll recruit people from the bg/arena/wpvp forums too.