[H] LF a new Guild or potential Members

Hey all,

I am a long time player who’s looking to enjoy the most of the new content coming up in Shadowlands. I am an experienced Tank or DPS (depending upon what you need) and you really wouldn’t want to see me heal (my heals are like a murloc who is black out drunk and having a seizure after having their hands removed).

I’ve spent the last couple of expansions leveling alt’s and poking around while not really doing much in the way of content. This expac my intention is to return to a tanking and exploring content (progression and otherwise). I’d like to find a group of similarly minded people who are looking to have fun etc., and if needed I don’t mind building a guild for it to happen.

Historically I’ve raid tank all content from Vanilla to Cata, and have quite a few trophies for these events (including the OG Amani Death Bear mount). I’m a skilled tank who has dual box tanked to help push progression. That said I’m only looking to do 1 or 2 nights a weeks as part of a raid team so casual raiding is currently the preferred option.

The toons I currently I have a Level 50 are:

Death Knight: Tank/DPS (Blood/Unholy)
Demon Hunter: Tank
Druid: Tank
Shaman: DPS
Warrior: Tank

Alts I’m working on which may be 50 prior to launch:

Other info:

What I’d like to find in a guild or potential members to create a guild:

Openness to explore new content
Adults who understand progression takes work
-and/or enjoy the occasional drunk raid night
Players who understand Raiding isn’t the only content
People looking to have fun, sh*t post, and otherwise have a good time

PS: Please be aware that I may be streaming during this expansion. If this a problem please move along, thanks.