[H] <LEGACY> Is recruiting

Legacy is looking to add to our ranks going into 8.3 and beyond. In need of healers and tanks mainly but all classes and levels are welcome. We are a casual Heroic raiding guild. As a guild we strive to have fun while achieving AoTC for each raid. We raid 2 nights a week usually 8-10 pm central. Although since classic hit we havent been able to raid but those guildies will be returning. We also run Mythic +s and have a few guildies that enjoy pvp. We dont mind helping people gear . For more detailed info about us you can look us up on wowprogress, Raider io, or check out Legacy Guild on enjin communities.

You can add me on Battlenet DixieFL#1823 or in game Dixiefl for more info. Looking forward to hearing from you. Happy hunting!

We are still recruiting if anyone is out there on our tiny server looking for a guild. Everyone is welcome. There are no ilvl, skill, or dps requirements to join. If you are returning after yrs of not playing or your current guild is no longer as active as you’d like give us a try.