[H] Labyrinth is recruiting


Hello everyone! We’re looking for more members to fill out our core roster and to run Mythic+ with. We’re a guild focused around getting AOTC every raid tier and open to pushing some Mythic bosses. We also are looking for members who are interested in pushing high Mythic+ keys.

Raid Times:
Tues and Thurs 7PM Server (CST)

Current Progression:
Uldir - AOTC

What we need:
Dps - really need a warlock
Exceptional players will always be considered.
We are open to casuals and people who want to push keys.

What we want:
Anyone and everyone! Anyone who’s willing to play the game and just have an all around good time. We’re looking to create more than a guild that just raids, but a community of players who can hang out and run content together.

Battlenet: Del#11485