(H) Kor’kron Elite is recruiting for fresh hardcore realm

Hello All!
I will be running a Hardcore guild on the upcoming hardcore realm.
If you want to mingle and get to know a chill crowd before launch Please join the discord Chat below.
https:// discord.gg/NdbFTWyD <---- remove space
I am currently raiding with Hardcore elite but their roster is quite established.
I am looking for a fresh crowd, When we raid it will be 9 EST in the future.
We are not rushing to 60 but enjoying the Journey .
Highly recommend that you level engineering (at least to 85) for target dummies.
We will change professions at 60!
I want to create a enjoyable environment people can be open and experience the game and the challenge Hardcore can offer.
If you have any questions or want to be apart of the leadership please send me a message.