[h] knightowls - stormreaver 9/10h late night weekend guild

Hello there, KnightOwls on the server US-Stormreaver is currently recruiting once again. We are recruiting to finish off our mythic raid team and have a preference on Balance druid or Warlock, or any ranged DPS We are a laid back guild our goal is to achieve AOTC and once we get a full roster push into mythic with the hope of achieving a CE by 9.1

Raid times:
Saturday: 9PM - 12AM MST (11PM - 2AM EST)
Sunday: 9PM - 12 AM MST (11PM - 2AM EST)
Invites are sent 15 minutes prior to raid time (8:45 PM MST)

Contact info:
Discord: Onyx “Felix1621” Bison#0922, SolarBrisngr#1911
B-Net: Felix#1621