[H-Kil'Jaiden] Mutíny 2/10M & AOTC LF RANGED DPS/TANK FRI/SAT 7-10 ST

Hello all,

Mutíny [H-Kil’Jaiden] is recruiting any experienced players looking for mythic progression for the end of this tier into 9.1 and beyond! We are a new guild that got AOTC pretty quick at the beginning of the expansion and now have interest progressing into Mythic. We raid Fri/Sat nights at 7-10 server (PST). I’d describe us as laid back and casual but we want to clear the hardest content and have fun doing it.

We have strong preference for ranged dps and a main tank, but willing to accept all experienced players!

We also accept casuals for Mythic+ as well as our RBG team.

Message me @Manchops#1219 or reply below if you’re interested!