[H-Kil'Jaeden] Perseus 10/10M US 155

Perseus // US // Horde // Kil’Jaeden

Only considering applicants that are 10/10M unless you have a direct reference from one of our current players.

Immediate Recruitment Needs
(Updated 04/30/21):
1.) BM/MM Hunter & Warlock
2.) Unholy/Frost DK & Warrior DPS
3.) Havoc DH

Q: How big is your roster?
A: We maintain a 25 man rotating roster.

Q: Hours?
A: Our Schedule:
Mon 9:00-01:00AM EST (During Progression- ONLY Added for the first 2-3 weeks of the tier)
Tues 9:00-01:00AM EST
Wed 9:00-01:00AM EST
Thurs 9:00-01:00AM EST (During Progression)

Q: How long is your Trial Period?
A: 2-3 Weeks

Q: How do I apply?
A: https://apply.wowaudit.com/us/kiljaeden/perseus/main?preview


Our Guild Accomplishments & Goals

1st Tier Accomplishments:
1.) US 155

Goals for 2nd Tier
1.) Top US 75
2.) Have Fun

Long Term Goals:
1.) Hall of Fame
2.) Have Fun

Once the tier is completed anything past what it takes for us to re clear will be replaced with an optional alt raid. With the intent of utilizing it for prepping alts/additional raid sales


About us:

We are a group of dedicated raiders looking to push Top 30 US in Shadowlands our outlook on raiding and the game is simple: We want to be at the pinnacle of the raiding community. We plan on progressing through content at a set pace which may initially scare your typical casual raider away from our approach. Once progression is over we take a week break and shift to raiding with a lighter schedule. If you are unable to critique yourself with the same energy you do others please do not apply. We pride ourselves on Directness , Efficiency , and Accountability

Our guild is a group of friends and acquaintances who have come to together to be assessed as components within and outside of the raiding environment. We expect members to cooperate with each other and do what’s best for the team. We distribute gear by loot council with Performance, Consistency, and Attendance put first. We count on each other to research and perform at a level fitting our 12+ years of progression raiding as individuals.

We also know that maintaining a healthy guild roster requires more than 20 members, to allow for absences and comp flexibility. We epitomize that no one is entitled to a raid spot and you come into every raid night ready to show why you are on our roster. Our roster size is 25 players with 95% attendance.


Last Words:
We are truly a Meritocracy when it comes to how we operate in every facet. We do not allow ego or politics to cloud our judgement over decisions and we have the humility to accept our mistakes. If you genuinely feel like you will thrive in an environment where everyone, even leadership, is held to the same standard then please do not hesitate to reach out and/or apply.

Sarrus will be your first contact if you have any further questions as it relates to recruitment

GM & Raid Lead: Endever
Bnet: Endever#1256
Discord: Endever#4791

Recruitment Officer: Sarrus
Bnet: Sarrus#1238
Discord: RealPicsOnly#4722