[H] <Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs> 21 + Casual Social

Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs

Are you in search of a welcoming community where friendship and fun take center stage? Join us at Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs (JND) guild on Mankrik! Since our establishment on 4/28/2022, we’ve cultivated a close-knit environment where everyone feels at home.

About Us:

  • Founded on Mankrik since April 28th, 2022.
  • Committed to mutual support and creating a relaxed gaming atmosphere.
  • Initially started as a Wrath project, but our strong bonds led us to continue into Cataclysm.
  • We’re a 21+ guild, as we believe maturity enhances our community experience.

What We Offer:

  • An active and engaging Discord community.
  • Emphasis on being yourself and having fun, alongside our gaming activities.
  • A supportive network always ready to lend a hand.

:warning: Additional Information: :warning:

  • Raiding Update: Trickynicky no longer hosts raids under Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs. However, in our community Discord, we do have scheduled events like 10-mans, Mog runs, dungeon grinding, and achievement hunting and other wow endeavors

  • Leadership Opportunities: We’re actively seeking a recruitment officer There’s always room for leadership in our guild!

Join Us Today! If you’re seeking a place to unwind, make friends, and enjoy WoW at your own pace, Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs is the guild for you! Whisper Pawpawwolf or Trickynicky in-game for an invite and become a part of our adventure!

[Discord Link] - You can Private Message Trickynicky for Link to Discord, or Check our Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs Warcraft Logs Page!

Other Contacts

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Guild : ID Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs
Can’t include a link, But i did list our guild id from Warcraft logs!

Jetpack Semi Hardcore Raiding Guild

  • Our New Project Can be found in our Warcraft logs description