[H] <Jardogs> Recruiting for 8.1!

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Updated for rdps!
Updated 4/8H
Downed Zek, updated to 5/8
Downed Zul, updated to 6/8H
Updated to 7/8H!
8/8H! LFM to push Mythic!
Starting Mythic progression tonight due to the allowance of Cross-Realm Mythic runs! Still need more people to make us a complete server team!

Still really looking for capable healers and dps!

Hello, i main both MW and Rdruid and have been looking for a guild to push into high M+ however i am slightly interested in raiding in the new tier semi-casually if i fit in well with your guild, GingerHeals#11438 if interested or would like to talk more.

Added you on btag!

Are you still recruiting? Looking to raid at least heroic content. I’m at best an above average player lol but I’m constantly getting better this is my main I also have a lock that I gave up on because of the drastic changes to the class. I also have a friend that’s has a paly tank that is looking for a raid progression also. Just looking for a group of friends to run with.

Battle tag : LordDeathGiD#1420