[H] <Intent> Recruiting! 10/10 / 1 Night

We are a Long standing (Phase 1 Classic Vanilla), predominantly Australian, Performance based Semi-Hardcore guild located on Arugal (Oceanic), comprised of players from many different backgrounds including world 50 - world 300 guilds on retail, high ranked Arena players, a large contingency of High Warlords in classic and high parsers throughout all phases of Classic raiding as well as high rated Arena and high parsers in TBC. If you’re looking to pump and go fast, we’re looking for you.

Clears and Times:
SSC: 6/6 - 0:59:42 Pre-Nerf
TK: 4/4 - 1:12:06 Pre-Nerf
One Night Clear

Current schedule:
Wednesday: 7:00-11:00 PM ST
Tuesday: 7:00-11:00 PM ST (If Needed)

Loot System:
Loot Council. Progression minded, Performance based, Attendance based, Attitude based.

Classes We Are Recruiting:
Druid: Feral - High Priority Tank + DPS
Warlock: Destro - Medium Priority

If your class is not listed here, we highly encourage exceptional applicants to still apply as our guild is largely based around performance and how well you mesh with the guild. I would not recommend applying if you are within the Melee dps role however.

Applicant Requirements
90%+ Attendance
High consumable usage
Fully enchanted/gemmed
Good attitude towards guilds desired goals
Shaman Applicants must have 350+ Leatherworking

For any further inquiries, feel free to drop me a dm on Discord, Arrowsong#5184, or head on into our Discord server and put in an Application - https://discord.gg/mPghnvKvKf