[H]< Insomnia> 2/11 M is recruiting

Good vibes!

Looking for a Warrior and DK dps!

Still looking for a mage and dk!

Still looking for fun people to build our community

I can offer my 2/10 Mythic hunter. Would you be interested in a chat?

Thanks for chatting! Looking forward to more !

Still looking! 4/10 M

What class/spec are you guys still looking for?
…asking for a friend :rofl:

This is a great group of people to raid with, come try us out!

May be interested and I have a warlock friend who is also looking!

Battletag is Floffa#1121

Hunters ,locks and boomkins are our friends! Btag request sent!

Good deal! I will accept it when I’m able!

Looking for a few more solid people to hit next tier with!

Looking for some ranged!

3/10 M, LFM ranged DPS!

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More ranged please! :slight_smile:

Ohai! I bring the bumps and…


Bump but no singing from me. :slight_smile:

Come raid with one who has what can’t be taught!

Still need 3 Dps!