[H]< Insomnia> 2/11 M is recruiting

its time to WORK OUT YOoooo

Don’t skip leg day!

chicken legs

Good morning! We are still looking for a few DPS to finish out our roster! Chicken sounds good right about now haha

Why don’t chicken breasts poke through the packaing? THEY AINT GOT NO NIPPLES!

Still looking for some DPS! Shadowlands HYPE.

Let’s DPS the house down. Boots.

Got alot of Great people should check it out

10/26!!! Lets goooo!

Looking for solid dps to round us out!

Still looking for more!! Rebuilding the mythic roster and looking to get CE in tier 2 and on hit us up, PvPer,M+,causal raiding come chat as-well Pretty chill vibes

Could use some ranged on our team!

9/10 H need some ranged!

Still looking

Still looking! Ready to smash mythic!

Hey I’m a 9/10 Heroic Hunter, are you all still looking for r-dps?

Hey good talk and welcome Overshot!

Still looking!

Still looking

Still looking for chill people