[H] Infection is recruiting!

is a group of raiders with classic and retail end game raiding experience including cutting edge raiders. We have a laid back and friendly raid environment but expect players to be geared, gemmed and enchanted properly.

We are recruiting to fill out our 25 man roster and have full cleared all raids every week since the first lockout. We expect to be clearing most Ulduar HMs within 2-3 weeks. Loot is 2x SR>MS>OS

We are currently recruiting:
DPS: All players are welcome to apply but we have priority for Demo Lock and Enhance Shaman.

Healers: Resto Shaman; Any Class Main Heals other than Disp.

Our raid times are Tuesday 7:45pm-1030pm and Wednesday 8pm-11pm server time (EST). We will be suing both days for 25m Ulduar until it is cleared in one night at which point Wednesday will be used for 10m. We are presently working on options to mkae sure all of our raiders have an opportunity to raid 10m each week.

Players are expected to be online at least five minutes prior to raid and ready to go at 8pm. We are willing to help gear toons if the player is the right fit and are happy to help anyone improve their performance.

We are looking to finalize our roster with good players who fit in with our social atmosphere for Ulduar and beyond. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Please contact the players below with any questions or to apply for a raid spot!

Myself [Zitzenator#1133 (BNET); Zitzenator#2045 (Discord)]
Dharon [Casti26#1942 (BNET); Dharon#2822 (Discord)]
Annimmal [Casti15#1473 (BNET); Casti15#1249 (Discord)]

Need Frost DK/ Enhance Shaman & Demo Lock!!!