<H> In Search of Guild

Couple of older people looking for Adult oriented Guild. Raiding is not a requirement for us, though when able to raid we can and will. We are looking to run Mythic / Mythic + dungeons and be helpful and needed. We have all roles available. A fresh guild starting up needing help would be great. Just looking for like minded adults that enjoy the game.

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Hi Bubbly,

I got a guild for my alts on Horde side, it’s only me, but I do play on a regular basis. If U still looking for a new home just let me know

Hello again Bubbly

My main is Ally, but I got a Guild for banking mats on Horde side. Guild was built by RL friends to use as social hangout, the ones that haven’t left the game moved to the other servers, so it’s only me. If U’re still looking for a home, I’ll extend an invite to this one.

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