[H] (Illidan) <Relinquished> 3/8M Palace, Recruiting Healers(Disc Priest & Resto Druid) & Ranged DPS

[H] Relinquished - Illidan . 3/8 Mythic Palace, 8/8H. Our mission is to make a push for Palace Cutting Edge. We want to push mythic content in a timely manner and enjoy doing it with the people we play with.

Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9:00PM - 12:00AM EST (8:00PM - 11:00PM Server). We do not add raid days or extend time. With the possible progression exception. While multiple specs / classes are not necessary, they are highly desired and will add to your competitive value. However we do welcome all alts!

Our Highest recruitment needs are currrently Healers(Disc Priest & Resto Druid) & Ranged DPS. All exceptional players with Mythic Palace Exp and current logs will be considered. Must have max essences and 58 neck level. .

Our raiders are expected to hold a near 100% attendance; but we understand real life comes first. Your attendance will be associated with your raid spot, and those who frequently miss and do not post or let an officer know should expect this to effect your spot.

Community means a lot to us! As a guild we seek people who are active outside raid times. From M+ to PvP, Old Achievement runs, and just plain old discord toxicity there are many ways for you to engage with us.

Contact info: Btags - Berzzerk#1338 or srdb#1102. Discord - Berzzerk#4516 or Whatsfordin#0375


Recruiting for Mythic Prog.

All big pumpers welcome.

Recruiting all classes and spec. Strong need of: Rogue, Shadow Priest and Warlock.

lets kill some bosses! highest priority needs Rogue,Lock, Spriest but accepting all big pumpers!

To the top!!

Recruiting a Rogue and Ranged DPS.

Recruiting a Rouge and Ranged DPS.

to the top for the big pumpers!


still looking for a DH, Rogue and ranged dps

Recruiting a DH, Rogue and Ranged DPS.

to the top!

lets kill some bosses still looking for rogue and ranged dps

Recruiting DH, Rogue and Ranged DPS

Recruiting a DH, Rogue and Ranged DPS. Trials tonight!

to the top!

Recruiting DH, Rogue and Ranged DPS.

Looking for trails for next week.

Recruiting a DH, Rogue and Ranged DPS. Trial spots this coming week.