[H] [Illidan] <Esoteric> 8/10M Recruiting R Sham, H/D Priest

The Guild:

Created: 04/20/2015
Started Raiding: 09/17/2015
Weekly Raid Schedule: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday; 9pm (CST) - 12am (CST)

Current: 8/10M
T19: 7/7M (US 332)
T18: 13/13M (US 334)


High Need:
Disc / Holy Priest
Resto Shaman

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply!

Our guild is motivated to maintain ranks among the respected top progression guilds on our server. Our players are asked to maintain a respectable attitude, while we still understand fun and by no means limit that. Esoteric is a strongly motivated guild focused on progression and succeeding.

Raid Environment:

Our members are passionate about the classes they play and the content we are raiding. We enjoy having as much fun as possible with laughing and jokes between pulls. However we understand when it is acceptable to joke and speak and when it is not. Our group takes raiding seriously; as well as understanding of mechanics; both our personal class/role mechanics and encounter mechanics. Raiders in our group are the type who spend majority of our spare time researching, testing, and theorycrafting for ourselves in order to improve.
Everyone in our core team is required to research encounters prior to first pulls. We do not expect to spend a lot of downtime explaining mechanics when we could be killing bosses and collecting loot. Raiders are asked to constantly look for ways to improve themselves in regards to class and encounters mechanics/performance. Raiders need to be able to adapt to unexpected situations within encounters quickly without much thought, without being told what/how react. Raid awareness is important, without it you will not succeed. Our Raiders are encouraged to play as if they are world rank 1 players, and strive to be the best, settling for being subpar is unacceptable.

Guild Raider Requirements:

Esoteric is looking to recruit talent in all aspects of World of Warcraft, raiders who meet the specific requirements of our team, players who have good understanding of abilities, the way they interact with one another, and mechanics. Players who can maintain regular activity with minimal deviation.

We require our raiders to maintain a strive to be the best; vigorously pushing for a better understanding of their class and it’s potential, through stats, talents, playstyles and encounter interaction. The willingness to spend time researching and exercising their roles and spec’s they play within those roles. As a member of the team you are expected to maintain a strong profile as a raider in your current role, class, and spec, and contribute as much as possible to our team.

No matter what position you hold within the team, progression raider, bench, or alternative group, we expect all members come fully prepared to perform. Understand that regardless of your position you are still held responsible for upholding every expectation of any other guild member; no one person is exempt. Working with tactics that you are unfamiliar with is a big part of progression raiding and is also relevant for adjusting strategies for optimal farming methods. Read guides and watch raiders in order to better prepare for the encounters, come in with preliminary understanding.

Please make sure that you come fully prepared, mentally and physically for raiding. Have a conscious understanding of what is essential in boss encounters and raid environments. Contentious situations can not be avoided, but contentious players will not be tolerated. No matter what may happen in a night, we will eventually clear the content. During progression, maintain a level state in mentality, not because mistakes and self-pity, the opposite, you need to have the courage to fail. Please do not become upset because of other people’s mistakes and blame each other. Treat others well, with respect and encouragement. A harmonious atmosphere of the game and the team is to be emphasized. It is very important that we should fight side by side, with mutual respect and humility. If the unfortunate event of a disagreement occurs, show forbearance, for yourself and for the team. Trust and understanding of each other and each other’s mistakes is what makes the team and therefore is a prerequisite to success.

Stability requires 20 active and responsible people in group. A replacement team (bench) is an integral part of the guild’s success. This means that there are some members that will not participate in some encounters. Please keep in mind: the bench is also a part of the team’s contribution. And because of this, the substitute members and members involved in the encounters are to be treated equally. We do not require bench member’s to be online, however; the team needs you and we hope you can be online as often as possible.

A stable team needs everyone’s cooperation, in accordance to attendance, community, self representation, and teamwork. This means informing officers in an appropriate manner within an appropriate amount of time if you are lacking any expected responsibilities (such as tardiness, preliminary preparation, etc.). Please be assured that we will assist in the individual needs and the group needs in order to make a reasonable and most appropriate allocation. We will do our best when we give assistance to raiders to ensure the best possible understanding and outcome. The officers are always welcome to reasonable suggestions as well.

Loot Distribution System:

RCLootCouncil is an addon we use to distribute loot.
This addon gives us much of the necessary information we need as a loot council to make informed decisions as to who needs which items and for what reasons.
First and foremost; decisions made by the loot council are never to be questioned, nor altered by raider interaction (no trading it off after receiving it unless directed by an officer of the guild.)
-Loot will always be assigned in a manner that most benefits the raid team as a whole.
-Loot distribution is not designed to be fair, but to better increase our success as a guild.
-Loot will be rewarded to enhance raiders who have the highest performance. Which in turn increases the success rate of the guild.
-Loot will be prioritized toward classes that are most rewarded by it
-Loot distribution considers class, BIS, attendance, and player performance.

Please respond below or add my btag Silenthawk#1690.

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