[H] <Hysteria> Tu/Wed 10pm-1am ISO a few more


Tues/Wed 10PM-1AM Server

Loot Council


Hysteria is a 15/15 Naxx Classic guild with a close, tight-knit group looking to push into TBC. We prioritize players we believe fit our culture well over all else and strive to keep a laid back feeling of raiding with friends. At the same time we do expect to clear all content so whether you’re new to your class/the game or a veteran be prepared to give and receive feedback as necessary. Currently we have a Kara clearing group and are working on a second and eventually third while we wait on a few more levelers to finish up before jumping into 25 mans.

If PvP is your thing we have a range of arena teams planned from groups wanting to push for Glad to groups that are looking to just have fun and hit stuff together and all in between. We also are constantly running dungeons and BGs and enjoy playing other games and watching movies together in discord when we aren’t WoWing.


Prot Pally

Feral Druid


Resto Shammy


You can contact me on discord at pwlocke#7260 for more information.