[H] [Hyjal] <Severity> Two Night CE Focused 6/10M Recruiting Healer/DPS

About Us:
Severity is a newly formed guild that was created at the end of BFA. We came from a small group of players that have come together from different guilds but have played together via mythic raid,mythic alt raids, mythic +, or past expansions. We consider ourselves semi hardcore players who do not have a burning desire to be HoF raiders but we expect to be able to clear mythic in a reasonable time period. We have raiders and raid leads that are currently 12/12M in Nyalotha, and members who were 8/8 M EP and 9/9 M BoD, and 8/8 M Uldir. We are currently 10/10 H 6/10 M.
1. Our main goal in this guild is to progress through the mythic raids in Shadowlands and achieve cutting edge in each tier. A majority of the players committed to this guild already have cutting edge experience and know what it takes in order to achieve this goal. However we must recognize the hardships that will come with founding a new guild so this goal will not come easy.
2. While cutting edge is our primary goal, we intend on creating a guild that fosters players who can count on each other for difficult content. By this we mean being able to trust one another to perform their roles properly in mythic raid but also mythic + content. In other words, players in our roster enjoy pushing keys and we would like the guild to be a reliable source of group members for pushing.
3. As well as succeeding in high end content we do also wish to create an environment where people can enjoy themselves and each other in and outside of raid. In our application process we will be looking to make sure that you will be able to help us in all three of these goals to ensure that you are a proper fit for Severity.

Severity is a two night raid guild that raids for four hours each night. We are currently using Tuesday night to reclear content and will eventually use that night to sell runs.
Tues: 7:30pm-11:30pm (PST) (Off night)
Wed: 7:30pm-11:30pm (PST)
Thursday: 7:30-11:30 (PST)

What We’re Looking For:
Aside from needed roles, we are looking for players who put it solid effort in making sure that they are competing at a competitive standard. We expect that all players are well informed about their current meta and potential upcoming metas for their class. As well as being informed we expect each player to always be looking to improve upon their own gameplay.

Tank: We’re in the market for a solid tank so ours can return back to dpsing.

Healer: We are currently looking a solid healer to round out our healing core.

DPS: We are interested in any DPS class that can perform at a high level.

Whether you are returning for shadowlands or are looking for a new mythic raiding guild, we encourage players who have cutting edge experience or reasonable mythic prog experience to apply using the link below. You may also find the contact information of our Raid Lead and main officer below in case you have any additional questions. We will get back to valid applicants within 1-2 days. Valid applications will be followed up with a short interview by either Dj, Meatbus, or both.

Raid Lead: DJ
Bnet: Mke#11978
Discord: Dj#5612


Hi there! You guys sound like you have it all put together, just sent in an app. Hope to see you guys in SLands :slight_smile:

Still ’ looking for people to fill the required spots ! :slight_smile:

Does the guild have any interest in doing m+ and raid sales as well? Splitting profit??

still lookin’ :slight_smile:

still lookin’ :slight_smile:

Still looking for players to fill our team. We have a lot of experience in our current team roster already!

dont be shy : )

Applying :smiley:

The roles that we need have changed around a bit, Tanks are welcome to help fill out other areas of the roster but not needed whereas healers and dps are still needed

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these are good guys makin’ a solid team.

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Still Looking

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