[H] Hyjal <Felfire Club> 6/8H is recruiting

Felfire Club is a multi-gaming community that is recruiting. We are currently 6/8H and trying to rebuild raid team so we don’t have to pug. Currently in need of 1-2 Healers and a few DPS. We are wanting to move into Mythic as well if we can get enough people.

We raid Sat 7-10PM PST and Sun 6-9PM PST.

This is a casual guild without strict requirements. We only ask to show up to the raid and try your best. We try to have fun in a laid back environment. We expect guild members to be respectful to each other and be drama free.

If interested, reach out here or in game at Ponomas#1314.

Hi, 402 Havoc Demon Hunter here with a 385-390 elemental shaman alt. I am 8/8 N and 5/8 H. I like to run mythics on the side for fun. Are you still looking for people?