H (Hydraxis) Midnight Sun is Recruiting!

Midnight Sun is looking for players for our PvE and PvP teams.
We’re currently putting our guildies through the paces to prepare for Mid to High End Mythic Plus and Heroic Raiding. If PvP is your thing we’re forming a dedicated RBG group and have many players interested in 2v2 and 3v3 arena teams.

If you’re a solo player working your way through content, looking for a growing guild feel free to apply on the guild finder in game, orcontact our recruitment officer, t1nyp00ts#1781
Feel free to post any questions down below!


I also forgot to mention that we have members from servers like Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal as well! So being from Hydraxis isn’t necessarily an issue! :smiley:

We look forward to hearing form anyone interested!

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