[H] [Hydraxis] <BRB BOWFLEXING>

New guild started during Shadowlands Pre-Patch. 10/10N, 9/10H. Raiding Tuesday and Wednesday evenings @5-7pm pst. Friday night alts 7-9pm pst. Cleanup/Farming Mondays @ 7-9pm pst.

We have two teams that run Tuesday and Wednesday. One on heroic difficulty and one on normal difficulty. We hope to be Aotc by the second week of February.

Recruiting mages desperately that are heroic-mythic raid ready. All exceptional players are welcome!

Standard amenities include active discord, guild repairs, feast and cauldrons. We ask that all raiders bring runes and potions.

Our raid atmosphere is semi-casual, meaning that we will call you out for being bad but overall we like to keep a friendly upbeat raid attitude!

Hope to hear from you, thanks!