(H) Hordes Hellions is killing bosses, and looking for more raiders

Hordes Hellions is a relatively new semi-hardcore guild established by experienced players. We’re open to both serious raiders and more casual players who may be interested in participating in Group 2 raids.

We’re recruiting for most classes and spec’s as we grow and fill out of primary raid group, and establish additional raid groups. We’re adults, often NSFW, and mostly non-PC (within reason).

Please visit our website at hordeshellions(.)com to get an idea of our atmosphere, progress, etc.

If you’re interested, please contact us.

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Whisper me, Shoebox in game for any questions:)

Looking for Heroic raiders to help us down H G’huun. Need leet dps. 8-11 server Monday and Wednesday.

I am a Enhancement Shaman 342 ilvl atm but trying to increase that. I have 3/8 Mythic experience and AOTC G’huun. I was wondering if I was able to join your crew. I am interested in raiding as well as Mythic plus. Please feel free to contact me in game.
Jinksi#1713 or Jinkxi (Shaman)

We’re still recruiting for both semi-hardcore Raid Group 1, as well as casual players who would simply like to participate in weekly Normal raids along with alts of our main core raiders.

Still recruiting?

Hey guys are you still recruiting? I am looking for a group/guild for mythic key progression