[H] <HoM> LFM Split/Competitive Raiders

HoM is a Server Day 1 guild that been successfully farming all content since we stepped foot here with the boys. Our structure/organization and dedication to seeing each other’s success was enough to take us from never having played this game to farming KT and now TBC’s current content.

We are currently recruiting to solidify our split 25 man rosters for our weekday raid team and upping our Kara groups to 5+ groups to ensure our raiders are the best prepared they can be to tackle the next phase.
Split raiding at this time is not required but preferred that you work on it when able.

Our Raiders are expected to be available as needed T/W/T 7p-11p (Or daily for progression)

Loot is handled via loot council based on the following: benefit to the raid, player performance/attendance, attitude. Players revise their lists weekly and a priority list is posted before hand via leadership referring these lists. No surprises, no “backstabs”, etc.

Raid Expectations

  • All raiders are expected to be specced appropriately and properly prepared with consumables and their classes requirements to perform to the best of their ability.
  • The raid as a whole is analyzed weekly to identify places we can improve and as such, all players should always be looking to improve weekly and be accepting of advice/criticisms during these discussions.

Casual Fam
We also have a weekend Sat/Sun team for those of you wanting to join/play with the lads without the excessive requirements.

For additional information or inquiries of joining you can contact:
Discord: Anthyny#7056
or join our server at discord.gg/HoM