[H] <Hold My Pocket> - Looking for like-minded players!

Hold My Pocket is looking for players who would like to participate in semi-casual raiding, mythic +, and PVP activities. We have a small, strong group who knock out the PVP dailies each day, complete mythic + 10’s (looking to get to 15!), and raid Saturday nights. This guild was formed out of a desire to get AOTC and start farming mythic for BOE’s! Our core left a previous guild and we had achieved 10/10N and 6/10H.

We plan to bolster our roster in pursuit of AOTC and some mythic raiding. We absolutely plan to carry this over to the new raid in 9.1 and would love to get up to 20 players for Mythic.

If you want to do mythic dungeons, pvp, raid, any combination of those, or just one, we would love to have you! We look to open at least 1 vault slot with a 220+ item for all of our members weekly, regardless of mythic+ ability. We have a laid-back crew of folks who craft, farm, and keep the guild bank nice and full for each week’s raid. We play the game!

Really at the end of the day, we are just a community of players who are playing the game. We all have day jobs and kids and we understand that life is more important than a video game. We have absolutely no expectations about playtime. If you are able to join us and participate in any of the aforementioned activities, that’s great! We would love to have you!

No pressure, No problem!

  • We are currently 10/10 N and 1/10 H. We are bringing on new people and are looking to teach the mechanics in normal and advance through heroic to reach Mythic.
  • Looking for all sorts of players and classes!
  • We have a community discord where we can all learn, chat, and help each other!
  • Come have fun with us!

Message Soulreaver#1334 on battle.net or message me on Discord at SoulReaver#0531 if you are interested!