[H] <here we go again> is recruiting!

Guild: here we go again
Server: US-Akama
Faction: Horde
Language: English
Raid Days: Tues/Sun 8-11 EST
Progress: 5/10H SoD
Links: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/akama/here+we+go+again
Looking For: All classes!

Healers, WW Monk, Mages and ranged DPS are in high demand.

All exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply even if your class is not listed.

About Us: was formed in January 2021 with a core group of friends who have played World of Warcraft together on/off since 2008. We quickly progressed through Castle Nathria (ended 8/10M) after a late start to the tier and are currently trying to push cutting edge in Sanctum of Domination. We are a friendly, laid back, and active guild looking for raiders and players to push M+ (we have multiple Season 1 1800+ IO players and 2k+ Season 2 players). Our guild discord is active almost 24/7 and we almost always have some sort of content going on (keys, alt raids, rbgs, etc).

DM Heritor-Akama, Curves-Akama, or Milkbag-Akama in-game and Joyner#11648, Curves#1132 or Holy#1897 on b-net with any questions.

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Now 7/10H, looking for WW, healer, and ranged DPS. Send me a message if interested!