H - <hello team> is recruiting!

Guild: hello team

Faction: Horde

Server: US-Crushridge

Current Prog: 7/12 M

Raid Times: Thurs/Fri 6:00-9:00PM Pacific

About us:
is a young Cutting Edge guild that aims to strike a balance between strong and steady progression without high level time demands. The guild is built on dedicated leadership along with a fantastic community that interact outside of raid on a regular basis.

Flex DPS/Healer


Discord: Menkt#2514

BNet: Menkt#1830

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gotta love raiding with the bois :smile:

Hello, I would be interested in raiding with you guys. I am a 414 demon hunter.

Still LFM!

:helloteam: lets raid :smiley:

:helloteam: lets raid :smiley:

We always need more people whom are consistently spectacular.
hello team wants to become apart of your everyday vernacular.

Skills so breathtaking they’d cause us to have an asthma attack?
Then we would love for you to apply and become one of the pack.

Do you theorycraft more than Sir Issac Newton?
Numbers so feared people call you Vladimir Putin?

Light raid schedule with a focus on progression.
Come play with us, no need to quit your profession.

hello team stays on the rise like the perfect souffle.
Top of the food chain, don’t become our prey.

Always on our grind, keepin’ everyone in our rear-view.
Lookin’ for some permanent fixtures; epoxy glue.

Do your numbers get higher than Jordan?
You got more chops than Chef Gordon?

hello team stays hotter than Shamiz’s curry.
Apply today! Time is short, you better hurry.

hello team stays winnin’, always soaked in the Gatorade.
Join us today if you’re game is on point, never frayed.

We await your application with cupcakes and confetti.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; Mom’s spaghetti.

Seeking applicants that push for the top.
Is your game so sick we’ll need a cough drop?

If you’re the top of your class and want to go hard.
Apply today, hit up Menkt#1830 for a business card.

Time is running out just like PPG’s hairline.
Apply today if your numbers are like an airline.

The next patch is quickly coming upon us.
Please hit up Menkt#1830 today to discuss.

Still looking for a few good people if you aren’t a rooster.
Hot numbers with a smile is always a real morale booster.

hello team stays turned to eleven like a radio with no knob.
Menkt#1830 needs some new recruits, he’s a real heart throb.

Raiding with hello team is like waking up in a brand new Bugatti.
We are to progression raiding like Bruce Lee was to karate.

People where you at? Come play with us we’re really fun.
6 hours a week is all we ask. No reason to give up the sun.

Still looking for more whom will leave us drippin’.
Your old guild will miss you but they need dippin’.

We only ask for 6 hours a week, aww skeet skeet.
Please hit up Menkt#1830, we’ll save you a seat.

We’re still actively looking for a big pumper.
Just trying to fill the roster, a little plumper.

We would love to have you join our loving home.
What’s your old guilds name? I’ll tell them shalom.

I’m sorry to interrupt your testing on the PTR.
We’d like you to join , superstar!

Brand new raid will be upon us ever so soon.
Come party with us, 6 hours a week. /swoon.

Wearing a mink a coat as furry as Chewbacca.
Recruitment game rough, ugly as Baraka.

We’re always looking for exceptional talent.
Please apply today if you’re mighty and gallant.

To the top, pals.