[H] Healer looking for a raiding guild for Shadowlands

Hey all, I’m an AOTC player whose Guild was a casualty of BfA. I’ve taken some breaks as I really did not enjoy this expansion, but I’m excited to get back into raiding for the next go around. I plan to play a holy paladin, and while I did not heal much at all in BfA, I am experienced and confident in my healing.

I split raid leading responsibilities with another player starting in Legion, and I’m just coming back to get ready for SL now. Logs can be provided, just hmu or search my BFA raiding characters Redbeard-Zul’jin (Tank for Uldir) or Jalimon-Malfurion (DPS for BoD and early eternal palace- I took a break for crucible and my guild stopped raiding a couple weeks into heroic).

I take raiding seriously and have a ton of fun doing it, so I’m looking for a stable group I can get along with.

You can reach me in game on this character Malachy-Malfurion or by my bnet #thejollymon1204

I have a strong preference towards weeknight raiding but we can talk that over.

PST if interested!

We are looking for someone EXACTLY like this… :wink:

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