[h] h paladin (healer) looking for core mythic progression raiding

Visttyy – Holy Paladin (Illidan, Mal’Ganis, Silvermoon)

Recently coming back to the game from Mists (level 120 about two months ago) and am looking for core healer spot in a mythic progression guild. I have years of experience with competitive raiding, starting out in vanilla (including all of Naxx up to 4h), all of TBC on two classes (H paly and Mage), almost all of Wrath except Icecrown. I took a break due to RL things for pretty much all of Cata. Came back at the launch of mists to raid again. Received CE for all raid tiers except Siege (Lei Shen, Ra’Den, MSV, HoF, Sha of Fear). Heroic Siege completed and some Mythic Siege.

For BfA I have done a decent chunk of raiding since getting level 120. 12/12 Ny’a and 2/12 Mythic. Unfortunately, all of this experience has been painful (Pugs). I don’t have a lot of available logs right now, but here is one from a Mythic pug last week.

http s://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cGTBLmxXY87P4kMg/#fight=6&type=healing

I have always been a competitive raid healer and am looking to get back into the mix of things and figured the best time would be at the launch of shadowlands. Real life has aligned with extra time to commit to the game thankfully, and I want to take advantage of it :blush:

Previous Guilds –

Summit (US Illidan – Visttyy) (Mists)
Incarnum (US Mal’Ganis – Visty) (Mists)
Infiniti (US Azgalor – Visty) (Vanilla -Wrath)
Anti Sobriety (US Azgalor – Cavisty, Visty) (Vanilla)

Please let me know if you have any questions! My Battletag is Cavisty#1900 and my discord is ytsiv#7908

Horde - Choices - Bleeding Hollow

Tuesday & Thursdays 9:00PM-12:00AM (Midnight) EST | 6 Hours total


We are a Guild that is currently finishing our roster for Shadowlands with the intention of creating an environment that is relaxed and fun, while pushing content at a efficient rate to achieve CE each tier.

Our Players & Goals

We consist of players who have/had CE, and we are looking for people of similar background.

  • We are being built on a solid foundation of structure and accountability.
  • Establish expectations, goals and standards for the guild.
  • Provide clear and transparent communication.

What We Look For

  • Positive attitude towards raiding
  • History of Mythic Raiding or high end play
  • Drive to improve their play
  • Players who want to be apart of the guild and it’s community
  • Prepared with consumables, addons, gear and fight knowledge

*Required Addons:
Details or Skada
Exorsus Raid Tools
Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs/LittleWigs

Classes in need:
Holy Paladin
Tank (One of our tanks would like to switch to DPS)

*If your class isn’t listed, still apply if you think you would be a good fit. We are always looking to improve our roster.

If you are interested and have more questions:

  • Bnet: Sacredtenshi#11826

  • Discord: Sacred#5771

You also can just go ahead to apply if you like, and I will get back to asap:

Thank you for taking the time to read our post! Have a good one.