[H] <Grievance> Looking for members

We are a growing guild looking for more with most of our members are all within the same level range which makes questing easy and enjoyable. We have Discord and a guild website as well that can be used to help organize questing and running dungeons. We are looking for people that are courteous when out in Azeroth as we would like to be considered one of the respected guilds on the server. Focus will shift to raiding once we have enough members at 60 and geared but raiding will not be hardcore. Times are to be determined once we get closer. We want Grievance to be a social guild where you can log on when you want, help when you can and just enjoy playing WoW with some good people. If you are interested in joining, please whisper Bullring, Ahnubis or Arroh online. We look forward to meeting you!