[H] <Grave Diggers> Early Morning Raid Team

Grave Diggers is Recruiting!
Grobbulus’ premier morning raiding guild since day one! We’ve swapped to Horde!

About us:
We are an early morning raid team comprised mostly of graveyard shift workers, and people from around the world. Our goal is to provide a home for people who need that niche raid schedule and enjoy all content.

Loot council distributed based on performance

**Schedules: **
Wednesday/Thursday Morning team
7AM-10AM Server time

Recruitment Needs
Currently seeking all players for Cataclysm interested in an early morning weekday schedule below are prime classes.

Survival Hunter
Holy Paladin (Very High)
Resto Druid (Very High)
Holy Priest
Resto Shaman

Contact Info:
In Game- Drillbit
Discord - drillbit.
Discord URL >> PNrZgsv