We are a 9 man group of IRL friends looking to add a disc/holy priest and some 5k+ dps to our full time raid roster. We have regularly scheduled raids on Tuesday at 7:30 ST with another undying 10 man guild to world tour all 25 man raids and have been clearing with 21 people.

Our focus will be to hard mode Ulduar and gain all of the achievements along the way until Blizzard releases actual heroic mode for ICC. We have already unlocked The Undying and all 10 man naxx achievements for NAXX. Just need to 3D OS10! Our 10 man raid night is flexible and discussed on discord but usually happens around 9ST.

Hit me up in game, on this thread, or on disc!

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Amazing guild name

you guys still around Disc Priest looking for guild 4.6k GS

It’s true. Help.