(H) GOFO is looking for a healer to join our family

GOFO is looking for a healer to join our ranks as we progress thru the current tier. We are extremely selective in our recruiting process, but not in the traditional way of looking at dps/hps. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit group of players and many of us have been together for over 5 years. We’ve tried to create not only a guild, but an environment that fosters teamwork and stability. So we look for like-minded individuals who want to commit to our vision of a drama-free fun raiding environment. It’s not that dps/hps aren’t important, but even the best players with bad attitudes will not find a place here.

Our guild was founded over 2 years ago by a group of friends who had raided together for 3 years in another guild. In that time, we have gotten AOTC and the achievements in every current raid tier. We dip into mythic raiding from time to time, but our main goal is always AOTC because mythic raiding brings its own drama and headaches that we feel isn’t worth the trouble. However, you will find GOFO at the top of the horde charts on the server.

Most of us are above the age of 30 and just want to log on with friends and enjoy the game without all the elitism and drama. We provide food/pots/enchants/gems/etc. to raiders and their alts with substantial main raider and alt repairs. Everyone contributes to the farming of materials in some way, but it’s much cheaper than if each individual had to supply their own for everything. We only take mains and their alts and only raiders. We also only take a maximum of 25 unique accounts to maintain our closeness and so we are only looking for a healer at this time, particularly a monk or priest healer. However, even if you are not a healer and are still interested in joining, we do have regular pugs who join our raids and some eventually join our guild when we have room. We are also very LGBTQ friendly.

If interested, please add zephanee#1248 on bnet and let’s talk!