[H] <GG Rekt> Shadowlands Recruitment!

We are brand new guild formed by a group of friends on Stormreaver-Horde. Our primary focus is raid progression, M+, and Rated PvP. However, we also host events and raffles earning prizes; These include mounts, currency, Tokens, battle pets, and much more valuable items!!

Who are we?

We are a group of friends that found a new home on Stormreaver to lead a drama-free guild that not only focuses on progression and bettering ourselves but also lend a helping hand to those who need assistance in better learning the game. We have Mythic experienced raiders and 2.2k+ PvPers who are always willing to help out new/returning/casual players.

What is our goal?

Our goal as a guild is to become well-knit and provide a positive and constructive community that not only tackles the hardest content available, push the highest rating achievable, but also help those who want to improve. Additionally, concerning our progression team, our goal is in the nameā€¦ Progression. We are not elitists but we are productive!

When are we raiding and RBGs?

This is still TBD. Progression will be limited to 2 days a week and we will be running an ALT/Secondary raid 1 day a week (or until we have enough members to run multiple days) Rated PvP will be hosted spontaneously with 1 day dedicated to rated RBGS (Most likely a weekend night)

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for positive people who have no interest in drama. We all jump on WoW to have fun and enjoy our time playing, no one has the energy or time to deal with toxicity. Just be a good person!

OFFICERS ARE WANTED! Please contact me in-game for further information.

Please contact me in game!